1. Software Domain Specialization & Expertise outlook
  2. Expertise in Solution building as per client requirement
  3. Feel Good Environment while working in software - Fully Responsive
  4. Full Fledged software with all required modules for future prospects
  5. Tested with top Giant working environment
  6. Fast up-gradations and changes possible
  7. No Regular Maintenance Required
  8. Extremely flexible features ensure wonderful match with the necessities.

  1. Cyrus Name Effect – As we Create Brand
  2. Research & Development unit to keep you updated with new features and technology
  3. Information & data Security enhancement to get a safe working environment with own data
  4. MIS Reporting and easy documentation
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Reports required for Audit
  7. Low Manpower Required to handle the software
  8. Panels - Colors, Logo, menu pattern Can be managed as per client requirement

  1. Back up facility
  2. Highly Secured with IP Setting + Time Bound
  3. The ultimate is its Cheapest cost in market, for such value added software, must compare
  4. Unlimited Agents, Customers, Branches, States, Employees
  5. One-time Investment to Get Tension Free
  6. Multi User and Multi-Tasking
  7. Responsive Website Layout
  8. Extremely easy user interface designed systematically for computer illiterate people.

  1. Fully Secured development framework, Architecture platform, Captcha Code Security, Transaction Password, OTP (One-time password).
  2. Easy CMS (Content Management System) Experience to put News, Achievers, Event, Images, Videos, Page Contents etc.
  3. Internal Messaging, Support Ticket, Social networking are the key crux points
  4. Devoted support team which is capable to attend the support call online within 2 hours.
  5. Real time Solution on Web, no need to visit on place or fine tune.
  6. Attractive and well said information layout.